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Cheers to the woman from Fort Wayne, Ind., for her intelligent and eloquent letter last week describing the REAL Doug Flutie! Like her, I am a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, not an individual player fan. My favorite Buffalo Bill of all time is Jim Kelly. Even if Jimbo would have been traded or left via free agency, I would not have become a "fan" of that new team of his! Jim Kelly played his heart out for 11 years as a Buffalo Bill, and retired as a Buffalo Bill. He may even make the NFL Hall of Fame this year, on his first ballot. I believe he is a lock for the Hall of Fame one of these years, if not this year.

Do any of you ex-Bills fans, now current Charger fans, think that Doug Flutie has any chance of making it into the NFL Hall of Fame? His only chance is to be the MVP of at least one Super Bowl. Even then, his NFL career will pale in comparison to Jim Kelly's.

Of course, I don't think little Dougie has any chance of ever starting any Super Bowl during the next one to three years left of his career anyway!

Let's set the record straight once and for all on Doug Flutie. In the prime of his football career he played in the inferior CFL.I have to imagine that Frank Reich would have set a few CFL records and won a few CFL Grey Cups himself! Any of you Flutie Flakes remember Frank Reich? He was drafted as a pretty talented quarterback out of Maryland by the Bills in 1985. Just his luck the Bills finally got Jim Kelly to sign one year later, in 1986! There was no such thing as free agency in those days, and the Bills had no intentions of trading young Reich away when he was such a dependable backup for Kelly. If Reich had the same cry-baby ego that Flutie had in those days, he could have opted for the CFL just like Flutie did. And who would the losers have been if he would have done that? The Buffalo Bills and Bills fans, that's who!

I say forget your irrational "love affair" with the selfish superstar stuck in a jockey's body, and come back to our Buffalo Bills bandwagon. There will be plenty of room a year or two from now, when Tom Donahoe and Gregg Williams right this young, inexperienced ship, and begin making their way back to the Super Bowls we all long for here in real Bills fan country! It took a displaced Bills Lover from Fort Wayne to say what I've been feeling since Flutie became "human" during the 1999 season. Flutie only cares about Flutie!

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