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In response to Joyce Leahy's letter to Everybody's Column, published on Oct. 21, I would like to point out that Jeff Wright's illustration was not nearly as offensive to Christians as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were in their haste to exploit a horrible situation.

In a time where compassion was very necessary (especially from the clergy), Falwell and Robertson were still unable to stray from their agendas of preaching hatred in the name of Christianity.

Wright was simply trying to illustrate that Falwell and Robertson are extremists who use their religion (in this case, Christianity) to preach hatred despite the teachings of that religion.

In that respect, their actions are similar to those of the terrorists who use Islam, a peaceful religion, as an excuse to preach hatred.

Feeding the poor, while evangelizing them into an atmosphere of hatred, does not make one a man of God or a Christian.

Leahy has inferred that Wright's illustration is that of a "liberal Christian-hater." I see it as that of a realist.

Must one condone the comments of radical men, who preach hatred in the name of Christianity, in order to be a conservative or a Christian? If so, I will gladly turn in my voters' registration card and convert to another religion where Jesus' teachings of tolerance and love of all mankind are more appreciated.



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