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In response to your October 16 editorial entitled "Another assault on common sense," where does your editorial staff get their expertise to run a police department? Why should the Buffalo Police have any descending order of rank to supervise police functions is what you are basically saying. In my almost 30 years with the BPD, there has never been a more asinine idea, and for what purpose -- to save a few dollars?

Lieutenants and captains have worked their way up through the ranks, were at one time patrol officers themselves, and make some very intense decisions by the authority invested in them, on an almost daily basis. If the city truly wants the most qualified person at a crime scene, as your editorial states, then they should appoint supervisors to those squads during the evening shifts.

You're correct in stating that detective sergeants serve in a supervisory post; but what's to say that next year, when the city claims poverty yet again, they won't try to save a few pennies by letting a detective supervise the scene? At that rate, by the year 2005, the first officer responding to a major crime scene will be in charge of him or herself, and you'll think it's the greatest idea since sliced bread.

It would be like taking Lou Michel and having him write a business article, Dan Herbeck typing away for the Life & Arts section, and Janice Habuda with a locker room report from All High Stadium.

Your personal vendetta against our union president, who provides our only checks and balances when dealing with the mayor and his cronies, has gotten out of control. Have your staff stick with trying to critique your newspaper, not our police department. Luckily for you there's no competition, or you'd be looking for a Civil Service job.