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Q. Did the man who played Otis Campbell on "The Andy Griffith Show" also provide the voice of Barney Rubble on "The Flintstones"? - Gregory Parham, Chicago.

A. No, Mel Blanc and Daws Butler alternated as the voice of Barney during the Flintstones' run, but it's funny you should ask: Hal Smith, the gifted character actor best known as Otis Campbell, was also a renowned voice talent who provided various Flintstones voices, Goliath on "Davey and Goliath," a host of Disney characters and countless others.

Q. The first new episode of "The District" included, at the end of the show, a memoriam to Jack Maple. Who was he and how did he die? - A.P., Buffalo

A. Maple was the former New York deputy police commissioner whose real-life experiences were the inspiration for Jack Mannion, the character played by Craig T. Nelson. He died at age 48 on Aug. 4, after a long battle with colon cancer.

Q. While watching a rerun of "Dallas," I noticed that the actor playing Sgt. Harry McSween, the policeman who usually did J.R.'s bidding, looked a lot like the man who played Lt. Rip Masters on the "Rin Tin Tin" show back in the '50s. Was it the same actor? - Jim Longo, Marion, Ohio.

A. Wow, you have sharp eyes, Jim! Yes, veteran character actor James L. Brown, who had that recurring role on "Dallas," also played Ripley "Rip' Masters on "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" decades earlier. He died of lung cancer in 1992, at age 72.

Q. Why was the actor who played Danny on "The District" written out of the show? - I. Taylor, Hampton, Ga.

A. A CBS publicist says that David O'Hara's departure from the show was amicable and based largely on the Scottish actor's desire to be closer to his family back in the United Kingdom. O'Hara co-stars in Jon Favreau's recent comedy-drama "Made," scheduled for DVD release this November.

Q. Can you provide any information regarding the twin babies Chuck Norris and his wife, Gena, were expecting recently? - Mrs. Florence Olney, Jackson, Mich.

A. On August 30, the Norris family welcomed twins Dakota Alan (boy) and Danilee Kelley (girl).

Q. When he was on "Late Night With David Letterman" following the terrorist attacks in September, Regis Philbin mentioned that he has a son who works at the Pentagon. This is the very first time I have heard him mention a son. Was he married to someone else before Joy? - P.B., Hoosick Falls, N.Y.

A. Yes, Pentagon spokesman Dan Philbin and his sister, Amy, are from Regis Philbin's marriage to first wife Catherine Faylen.

Q. Who played the title character on the old show called "The Texan"? - Jeannie Beveridge, Mankato, Minn.

A. Rory Calhoun played fast gun Bill Longley in that CBS Western, which ran from 1958 to 1960.

Q. Could you please tell me the song and artist in the closing moments of last season's finale to "The West Wing"? - Elaine H., Delray Beach, Fla.

A. Yes, that was "Brothers in Arms" from the Dire Straits album of the same title.

Q. On a recent trip to the movies, I noticed Brittany Murphy's name on several of the movie posters around the lobby. How long has she been making movies? Is she a newcomer, or have I just been living under a rock? - G.V., Vallejo, Calif.

A. Are those my only two choices? Don't be too hard on yourself, but Murphy, 23, has rarely stopped working since breaking out in the movie comedy "Clueless" in 1995. Recently top-billed with Michael Douglas in the thriller "Don't Say a Word," she also is featured in Penny Marshall's new "Riding in Cars With Boys" and Edward Burns' "Sidewalks of New York." The Atlanta native also starred (with Sidney Poitier and Lukas Haas) in the 1998 ABC remake of "David and Lisa," the Showtime Holocaust drama "The Devil's Arithmetic" and such feature films as "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and "Girl, Interrupted," among many others. If that's not enough, off-camera she also gives voice to flaky Luanne on Fox's animated "King of the Hill."

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