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The assassination of the Israeli Tourism minister Rehavan Zeevi brings back the terrorist tactics spanning across the whole Middle East's recent history. Every time a possible understanding between Israeli and Palestinians looms in the horizon, terrorists move into action to postpone peace. The profession of terrorists is to conduct terrorist acts without which groups such as Al Fatah or Islamic Jihad would lose their reason to exist. A formula repeats itself: Israel negotiates only when the Palestine Authority controls terrorists, and terrorists strike every time they feel cornered by the peace process.

Many Israelis understand that the creation of a Palestine state is inevitable and that Israel will have to withdraw from almost all the territory conquered in the 1967 war. But under the current violence, the Israeli public opinion is traumatized by insecurity. Equally, the Palestine public opinion is traumatized by the casualties resulting from the Intifada. . . .

The Middle East continues being a region where everything can happen, including a war that could trigger a Third World War.