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Seems the ACLU is now wondering if civil rights are being violated for those persons being detained for questioning in the terrorist search. That kind of thinking, in part, is what enabled those depraved individuals to plan and orchestrate the Sept. 11 atrocities. Our FBI is not indiscriminately rounding up people. They're targeting folks with possible ties to known terrorists. If these people pass muster in the interrogations, they'll be just fine. To the ACLU, I say, "get a life."

Prophetically, the eighteenth century statesman, Sir Edmund Burke remarked, "All that is necessary for the forces of evil to overcome the world is for good men to do nothing." Those of us in recent generations have been able to witness this seemingly inexorable rise of iniquity.

Nor is terrorism the only manifestation of the onslaught of evil. Partial birth abortion, domestic violence, child pornography and other moral depravities all bring us face to face with evil. A basic sense of decency tells one these are wrong. Yet in the name of civil rights and political correctness, many of our state and national lawmakers, and sadly some clergy, lack the moral fortitude to treat some of these issues in anything other than a perfunctory manner. How can representatives of a nation that legally sanctions the murder of babies have the temerity to ask "what's wrong with our young people?" when school shooters go on a rampage? Think our young people don't see the hypocrisy when these same legislators rush to question the human rights record of other nations? Think again.

Our silence allows political correctness to hold sway. And, as our nation becomes more politically correct, we become more morally bankrupt.


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