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The need for safety in our road construction zones became alarmingly clear to me as I traveled on the Thruway recently. However, I was not the one who needed the lesson.

As I drove west on Interstate 90, I approached a construction zone with a clearly marked speed limit of 45 mph. I adjusted my speed accordingly. Suddenly, a large semi truck came right up behind me, laying on his horn and not slowing down. He certainly was not within the posted 45 mph limit. That is when I realized exactly why we have strict laws against speeding in work zone areas. This driver, with out-of-state license plates, personifies the risk that construction workers and fellow travelers face every day. Too many accidents, and in some cases fatalities, are caused because of reckless driving in work zones. In fact, there were 25 fatalities in 1999 alone in New York State work zones.

My only hope is that this particular trucker met up with a ticket-wielding New York State Trooper before he hurt anyone. I wonder if a doubled fine for speeding in a work zone will teach him the lesson that too many motorists and construction workers have already learned the hard way.


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