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The military portion of the war is finally on. And as Peter Jennings attempts to subdue his frustration with tight-lipped government officials, I can't help but feel relieved that something is finally happening. I am sure I am not the only one who has felt a buildup of anticipation anxiety, knowing that at some point we would visibly hit back at someone for the horrific terrorist attacks.

For nearly a month now, we have heard the president and others predict action on many fronts. However, for those of us who were transfixed by the play-by-play media scenes of the Gulf War, this is definitely a trial of our information age patience. We expected the same in-your-living room, shoot-em-up, push-button response. Where are Wolf and Bernie now? Listening to the newsbreaks, I suddenly feel that we are truly taking back our world from terrorism.

As from the onset, I am fully behind our president, and how he is handling this calculated, well-planned reaction. And I don't feel one bit sorry that network anchors aren't able to garner the rating points as easily this time around. As was predicted, this is a different kind of war.


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