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I am a little troubled to find that I see the face of Timothy McVeigh in The News more now than when he was alive.

Does it really matter what McVeigh would have thought about the tragic events of Sept. 11? The man was put to death on June 11. Why, then, must his picture be plastered in the newspaper and numerous articles still be written on how he might have thought about anything? Why speculate? Hasn't the McVeigh family been through enough? Don't you think Bill McVeigh would like to heal from his son's death and move on with his life?

As for Joyce Wilt, Terry Nichols' mother, her son was 40 years old when the Oklahoma City bombing took place. Nichols knew about the plot, helped with the making of the truck bomb and had ample time to call and forewarn the authorities. Nichols' lack of maturity, common sense and a backbone are to blame for his predicament, not McVeigh, as she claims. McVeigh paid for his crime with his life. Let his soul rest in peace.



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