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I am tired of the adverse impact on the health of the people and the natural resources of my state due to acid rain pollution from out-of-state power plants. I am writing to let our congressional representatives know that it is their job to stop this damage and adopt federal legislation that will end acid rain.

I realize that, due to the national tragedies that have occurred, Congress' agenda has been altered. But when it returns to its natural agenda, Congress needs to take action on this nationwide problem. The U.S. Senate, House and Environmental Protection Agency have all proposed legislation that will require the kind of reductions in nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide that will halt the documented damage caused by acid rain.

This is a real public health issue, and an environmental hazard that must be faced. The longer Congress takes to pass this legislation, the more lakes become too acidified to sustain life, the more ecosystems suffer, the more economic damage is sustained and the more human lives are severely impacted. The time for Congress to act is now, because the clock is running.



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