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The Kelsey-Camille Grammer baby arrived a bit early from its surrogate mother. Baby Girl Mason Olivia is a true love child; she is from Kelsey's sperm and Camille's egg, and she was eagerly expected.

Another baby news flash is equally happy. The head of ABC News, David Westin, and his charming wife, Sherrie, who does PR for the Children's Television Workshop, are expecting their first child together.

This should take some of the pressure off Sherrie's daughter, Lily, 6. She is ecstatic at the thought of a sibling. (Her dad is political expert Ed Rollins.) Lily is one of the best-known children in New York; her sayings, doings and photos have made her almost as prominent as Eloise at the Plaza Hotel.

The talk of showbiz is the dinner for the brand-new knight, America's own Rudy Giuliani, the most popular and, at the same time, the most controversial mayor New York City has ever had! The happening is planned for the Sheraton Hotel Nov. 14 and is said to already be sold out. It will benefit New York City's firefighters and police officers, and the emcee will be none other than Larry King.

Billy Crystal is one of the big names participating, and both Billy Joel and Luciano Pavarotti are trying to cancel other gigs so they can join the all-star gang. Pierre Cossette and Bill Fugazy are behind this gala.

Here's a tale from the gifted writer Aaron Latham, who tells me he feels he's been living through the remake of "All About Eve." In his own words: "We were casting our new play 'Urban Cowboy: The Musical.' We had a great leading lady to play Sissy, but having trouble finding our Bud. After weeks of looking in the wrong faces, we found an actor we liked. He was to read several love scenes, and we needed a female to read with him. Our regular reader was sick.

"Our casting director got a last-minute substitute. Everybody showed up. 'Bud' and the female replacement reader did the dialogue beautifully. We huddled after.

'What do you think of him?' we asked the producer. 'He's all right,' said the producer, 'but I have to have that girl!' We groaned, 'We already have a Sissy.' Producer: 'I don't care!'

"And that is how Caroline McMann got the role in the New York Workshop production. We begin rehearsals Nov. 5 and start performances the 28, 29 and 30. When we move to Broadway in the spring, she'll probably be our Sissy. I had thought Caroline was the best reader we'd ever worked with, but our producer was smart enough to see she could be a lot more. I hate it when producers are smarter than I am."

Nobody is smarter than Aaron Latham -- why, he married Lesley Stahl.

After Sept. 11, the graveyard of Trinity Church was a mass of detritus, fragments of paper, concrete and inches of ash from the collapse of the nearby World Trade Center.

But today, it is pristine, its gravestones polished to perfection. Who did this? The fine men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard.

They were dispatched to clean-up duty because buried here is none other than Alexander Hamilton, one of this nation's creators. The founder and first secretary of the U.S. Treasury died in a duel with Aaron Burr in 1804. He also created the U.S. Coast Guard, one of the hardest working and most unsung of our military services.

When Nov. 11 rolls around, it will mark the 63rd anniversary of the first airing of the Irving Berlin song "God Bless America," as rendered by Kate Smith on her regular radio broadcast. Berlin wrote the song for Kate, and it became her most requested number and the nation's favorite patriotic song.

When the French Institute Alliance Francaise holds its annual Trophee des Arts gala Nov. 6, its honoree, the great actress Jeanne Moreau, will be sitting with an old admirer, Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes." And she'll accept her award from the hand of cinema's Ismail Merchant. Moreau and the FIAF are snowed under with those who want to pay tribute to her at the Plaza. The Trophee is given to distinguished French or American artists who are loved in both nations.

Jeanne Moreau overqualifies and says she is thrilled to be coming to New York, especially at this time.

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