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'N Sync's Lance Bass sees a time when teen-age girls won't be screaming for his songs -- but for his acting.

" 'N Sync can't last forever," he tells Entertainment Weekly in the Oct. 26 issue. "Hopefully, we've got another good 10 years ahead of us."

In the meantime, Bass, 22, has taken the plunge into acting. He and bandmate Joey Fatone portray best friends in Miramax's romantic comedy "On the Line."

"I just think with the acting, there's not a time limit on it. That's why I want to get into this -- I love to entertain, and this lives forever."

In January, Bass created a production company, A Happy Place, to bring musicians and athletes to the big screen. But don't expect any 'N Sync movies any time soon -- the scripts they got were very weak, he reports.

"Five guys, bound for destiny, singing in a group," Bass says. "That's what we do in real life."

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