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Lackawanna Code Enforcement Officer Joseph Geyer scheduled four public meetings during the last couple of years on a new zoning map and updated code.

He said that nary a city resident showed up.

Twenty University at Buffalo students were his audience for one session, but they attended as part of their studies, he said.

Geyer expects that some residents probably will attend the final hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday in City Council chambers. The City Council will follow with a special meeting to vote on the ordinance.

"The code itself doesn't have too many changes," Geyer said. "Most of the changes are in the map."

A copy of the proposed new map is available in Lackawanna Public Library on Ridge Road. It shows that Abbott Road, Ridge Road, South Park Avenue and Route 5 are designated as business corridors.

"That is where we are trying to concentrate and locate our business," Geyer said. "Nothing is made unusual."

He predicted that homeowners now on those streets will stay, with the new designation reflecting the business atmosphere that now exits.

The City Hall area remains the heart of Lackawanna.

"You always want to have a heart to any city," Geyer said. "In Lackawanna, we would like it to be our City Hall area. Tourists will come here and say, 'Let's get out and walk.' "

It's a street scene with beauty: the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens, Our Lady of Victory Basilica and St. Barbara's Catholic Church.

The revised zoning code includes a new rule on fences. Homeowners for the most part keep the working side of their fences on their lots and the smooth side on their neighbors' side; now that will be the law.

Other changes include a stricter noise ordinance and a 5-foot width for new sidewalks.

"There are a lot of good things in this code to start improving our city now," Geyer said. "This is definitely going to help our city. Tha map and zoning code will match. They will work hand-in-hand."


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