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The contents of the Oct. 7 News feature article on former Supreme Court justice and now practicing attorney Frank R. Bayger caused many attorneys in this community pause and concern.

It is disheartening to see our once noble profession demeaned by the unprofessional antics of Bayger and his coterie of disbarred lawyers. His irresponsibility to the legal system he claims to work within is more than troubling. For him to stand in a public courtroom espousing blatant anti-Semitism while attempting to abrogate contractual agreements with his fellow lawyers smacks of hypocrisy and unprofessionalism. Does Bayger not recall the oath that he took to uphold the Constitution and all of the laws of this land?

Our profession has degraded itself by creating an environment where billboard lawyers hawk their wares side by side with night spots featuring exotic dancers, and where our phone books look like a directory of side-show elixir salesmen at a carnival.

Let us hope that the marketplace of fairness, ethics and professional standards will dictate the demise of those who have thumbed their noses at a legal system through which they have earned their living.



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