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You are how you eat

You can tell a lot about people by how they eat their Life Savers.

According to the "Hole Truth Survey," of 1,500 Life Saver lovers, the number of people who prefer to suck on a Life Saver outnumber those who chew the sweets nearly 4 to 1.

Of suckers, 74 percent were women, usually Democrats, with two years or less of college, earning $40,000 or less.

Of the 19 percent who said they were chewers, many were men, typically Republicans, with at least a college degree or higher, who earn $60,000 a year or more.

It also showed that people who bite a Life Savers and then chew it are likely to be more aggressive and those who suck the whole thing are usually more passive.

People who suck on them until they're almost gone and then crunch on the small pieces are inclined to be idealists and those who tuck them between their teeth and cheek are apt to be optimistic.

As for flavors, Cherry rated the most popular among Americans, followed by Butter Rum and Wint-O-Green.

Keep an eye on the team

Football fans, if you want to see the world through the eyes of the Buffalo Bills, you can literally do it.

CooperVision Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of soft contact lenses, has come up with contacts that turn your irises into the colors of your favorite team -- with the name and symbol of the team imprinted on them.

NFL Crazy Lenses don't correct your vision -- they just make you look like a football zombie.

So far, they're available for seven teams, including the
Bills, and more are being added. They're resuable and should last the length of a football season, CooperVision says.

Look for them in optical shops, and expect to pay $120 to $150 a set.

This latest gimmick from CooperVision is an extension of something the company tried last year -- lenses for Halloween that mimicked cat and wolf eyes.

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