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All My Children: Laura stepped up her revenge plan against Greenlee after finding the tape of Greenlee impersonating her. When Leo spotted Jake helping Greenlee make her getaway after she was about to enter his and Laura's home, Leo went to press charges against Greenlee. Ryan and Mia made love, and afterward he shared pieces of his troubled past with her. Erica shocked Vanessa when she revealed that her niece, Frankie, is really a con woman named Mary Frances Stone. Vanessa ordered Frankie to leave town, which upset Bianca. Tad broke into David's room to steal his bank records. Hayley received jewelry, but it didn't come from Mateo. Coming: Leslie returns to the scene.

As the World Turns: Barbara voted with Lucinda at Worldwide, promising that in return, Rose would stop seeing Paul. However, Rose refused to keep her end of their agreement and an angry Barbara enlisted James to dig up dirt on Rose. Bryant saw Billy and Jennifer making love and erupted at them. Emily and Hal were intimate for the first time. A mysterious phone call led Carly to the Fairwinds gazebo where she found Jack and numerous photos of her and Paul. A concerned Jake asked Carly to leave BRO, but she blamed Craig. Coming: More evidence that James is in town.

Bold and Beautiful: Believing that she and Ridge will be together, Brooke was devastated when Ridge said that despite his anger at Taylor, he has no intention of leaving his wife and kids. Taylor was thrilled when Ridge told her that he's committed to her. Kristen and Tony discussed safe sex with the doctor. Kristen asked Eric to accept her relationship with Tony, but Erica refused to even consider agreeing to physical contact between Tony and his daughter. Learning that Rick deliberately got Amber pregnant, Brooke pleaded with Deacon to end his marriage, since he really doesn't love Bridget. Coming: Stephanie enjoys her latest victory.

Days of Our Lives: Paul dropped dead as he tried to strangle Nicole. Jan felt responsible for his death, and received help when John retained a high-powered attorney to take her case. Susan and Chloe were later appalled when Jan's mother loudly scolded her in public. Brandon was glad to hear of Paul's demise, but Fay grieved alone. Alice was ecstatic when Shawn and Belle surprised her with the ruby. Jack told Jennifer that if she can't commit to him, he's going to date Greta. Bo and Colin came face to face, as the cousins immediately argued. Philip apologized to Chloe for his past mistreatment of her. Coming: Belle wonders what Shawn's not telling her.

General Hospital: Mac assembled all the suspects in Sorel's murder to announce that he has new evidence and that the killer is among them. Luke revived and told Laura the location of the map that will lead them to Helena's lab. Stavros told Helena to put Nikolas through one final test of loyalty. As Stavros lay in his coffin, Nick revealed his true feelings when he expressed his utter hatred for Stavros. Lucky was finally reunited with his father. Carly had mixed feelings when Sonny asked to adopt Michael, now that A.J. has given him up. With Bobbie's urging, Carly obtained and signed a new set of divorce papers. Coming: Edward challenges Skye.

Guiding Light: Romeo offered to kill Sam for Tony, who instead told Romeo to tell Marah that Romeo had fixed the photo. When Marah confronted Sam, he said that Tony is her real hero. Mel ended her relationship with Rick after he invited Harley to move into the Bauer house. Harley threw out Gus after he kissed her, and surprised Rick with a marriage proposal. Alonzo accepted Cassie's job offer, worrying Richard. Reva planned a trip to New Orleans to investigate her suspicions about Alan and Olivia. Coming: Tory is interested in Ross.

One Life to Live: Troy called Bo with news that the blood sample showed no signs of leukemia. Bo lashed out at a deceitful Melanie and called off the wedding, after which Melanie left town. Natalie claimed that Clint and Viki are her biological parents, and she and Allison planned their next step. However, Seth continued to think about Jessica, who refused to forgive him. Blair told Max that the baby died. When Todd went to meet Paloma at the airport, she and the baby were gone, as she made her way back to Blair. Troy told Sam and Nora that Matthew has a rare virus. Jen accused Lindsay of instigating her breakup with Cris. Coming: Viki gets another shock.

Passions: Sheridan had flashbacks and told a disappointed Brian that she remembers a man in her life. Meanwhile, Luis insisted that Sheridan is alive. Ethan was confused by Theresa's desire to put off the wedding. When Ethan decided to start his own law practice, Theresa opted to ask Julian for money to help him set up the business. Pilar threatened Julian's life, insisting he must get the annulment immediately. David planted a seed of doubt in Grace's mind about Sam. Tabitha and Timmy celebrated Kay's decision to give up being good. Coming: Theresa plays a dangerous game.

Port Charles: Ian was hurt when Eve told Kevin she's moved out and needs a place to stay. Ian tried to make amends, but Anne-Marie gave Eve a warning and she asked Ian to leave. Kevin shocked Ian when he revealed that Anne-Marie is alive. An emotional Lucy collapsed into Ian's arms just as Kevin walked in, misinterpreting the scene. Frank was puzzled by Karen's peculiar behavior and wondered if she's on drugs. Valerie warned Alison that she intends to battle her for Jamal's affections. Coming: Kevin helps Lucy uncover the truth.

Young and Restless: After urging Billy not to be angry with Mac, Colleen left for New York with Traci. Distracted by his confusion over Rianna, Raul accidentally overdosed himself with insulin and was rushed to the hospital. Neil made love with Olivia, but he still had thoughts about Alex. Sharon learned that Matt told Nick he had raped her and she finally realized that Matt could have fathered her baby. The doctor advised Nick and Sharon to wait until the baby is born before having a paternity test. Isabella wasn't happy when she looked on as Paul went off with Lauren. Coming: Ryan and Victoria make wedding plans.