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At least once a year, the Niagara County Health Department inspects every establishment in the county that serves food. Those rated as high-risk -- because they serve children or the elderly, or serve foods that require a lot of processing or are prepared hours or days before serving -- are inspected at least twice a year.

Exemplary establishment do not receive ratings; only violations are noted.

Violations are coded as (1) critical items that could lead to food-borne illness, which must be remedied immediately; or (2) other items involving sanitation, design, maintenance or cleanliness, which must be corrected by the inspector's next visit.


The Kaz Bar, 463 Center St. No violations. Inspected Aug. 30.


Corner Bar and Grill, 2401 Pine Ave. No violations. Inspected Sept. 4.

Crown Chinese Buffet, 7325 Niagara Falls Blvd. Three critical violations (gloves need to be worn when cutting fruit and salad vegetables; improper cooling technique on some liquids and five gallon pails left out overnight; food testing thermometer needed). Three others: (grease-holding bin needs to be cleaned; dumpster lid needs to be closed at all times; cleaning and sanitizing chemicals are not to be stored outside overnight). Inspected Aug. 14. As of reinspection Aug. 28, all violations have been corrected.

Dunkin Donuts, 6601 Niagara Falls Blvd. No violations. Inspected Sept. 26.

Ferraro's Restaurant, 2789 Niagara St. No violations. Inspected Aug. 23.

Gigio's Caf, 1821 Pine Ave. No critical violations. One other: (self-closing device needed on women's restroom door). Inspected Aug. 15.

Goose's Roost, 10158 Niagara Falls Blvd. One critical violation: (salad prep cooler not operating at safe cold temperatures, all potentially hazardous foods removed at this time). One other: (light fixture needs to be shielded). Inspected Aug. 14. As of reinspection Sept. 6, no critical violations. One other: (light fixture being replaced still needs shield).

Hampton Inn-Niagara Falls, 501 Rainbow Blvd. No violations. Inspected Aug. 2.

Health Association of Niagara County Child Care Center, 1302 Main St. No violations. Inspected Aug. 21.

Leon's Pizza, 1926 Military Road. No critical violations. Two others: (some clean utensils are improperly stored; hair restraints needed; corrected at the time). Inspected Aug. 27.

M&J's Lounge, 1013 Niagara St. No critical violations. One other: (worn and missing floor tiles in bar room). No food served or prepared here; only prepackaged snacks. Inspected Aug. 7.

Mr. Ventry's Pizzeria, 1890 Pierce Ave. Two critical violations: (food service worker not using gloves to eliminate bare hand contact when cutting lettuce, lettuce rewashed and gloves used at this time; pineapple improperly stored in original, opened tin can, discarded at this time). Five others: (wiping cloths not stored in sanitizing solution; side door screen is in disrepair and front door is left open with no screen; miscellaneous garbage around property and dirty aprons improperly stored; grease build-up on wall near coke machine, fryer and three-bay sink; hood filters have grease build-up and need to be cleaned). Inspected Aug. 7. As of reinspection Sept. 12, no critical violations. Three others: (screen is still in disrepair; grease build-up still on walls; hood filters still need to be cleaned).