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At a time when most of America is busy parading in the streets, displaying red, white and blue and singing, "God Bless America," there are a few voices of dissent. It is quite easy for one to be swallowed up in the glee and awe of the patriotic spirit of America. Especially now when our nation is at war, a war that could possibly have been avoided if the current administration had not been so quick to act.

On the day that America launched its air strike against the Taliban, a Gallup Poll reported a whopping 94 percent of Americans in support of the campaign, which would then point to only 6 percent of the population opposed. I have never been a big fan of statistics for the simple fact that they are drawn from relatively small, random samples of the population, who supposedly are representative of the overall population. For example, a random sample might consist of only 10 percent of the entire American population.

I am certain that the peace movement, with its broad coalition of numerous member organizations, can account for more than 6 percent of the population. A peace rally in Buffalo sponsored by the Western New York Peace Center two weeks prior to the day of America's retaliation reported more than 200 individuals in attendance, which is a significant turnout from the region.

I do agree that more Americans are in support of military aggression. However, there is a fair amount of voices of dissent in the distant crowd.