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Ruth, Maris, McGwire and Bonds. Why does the last one leave such a poor taste in America's mouth? Some bigots will say it is because he is black. I say not. I say the sour taste comes from the fake persona displayed by Barry Bonds throughout this chase for 71.

When McGwire finally beat Maris with 62 home runs, his genuine home plate hug with his son sent shivers up and down everyone's spine. I looked over at my own son and tears built up in my eyes. However, Bonds' public relations produced hug leaves my stomach turning. Isn't this the same money-hungry Bonds who went back to court during the baseball strike to get child support payments reduced because he wasn't making as much money?

Bonds hit more and set the single-season record higher than it has ever been, but America will never love him. Bonds will go to the Hall of Fame and never be embraced by the public. I don't doubt the man's God-given, awe-inspiring athletic talent. I challenge his ego and his heart and no amount of home runs can fix that. Hit a hundred Barry, it still won't make your teammates, colleagues or America ever accept you.
South Buffalo

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