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Week after week, I read letters in this corner of the Sunday sports section from knowledgeable Bills fans lamenting the imminent demise of the franchise. It is hard to believe that only last year the team was 8-8 and only a couple games away from the playoffs. Our defense was one of the most respected and feared in the league.

The reason for the immediate fall from grace? We all know it's because of the "Do it my way" theme song being sung by unproven rookie coach Gregg Williams. Well, we all know by now that "his way" is definitely not the "right way." The only hope that Bills fans possess now is seeing the No. 1 one draft pick of next spring's collegiate draft wind up in the red, white and blue a year from now.

They should have kept Doug Flutie this year and drafted a quarterback last year so that when the magic man was ready to step aside, the quarterback-in-waiting would be ready to assume the No. 1 position. The Bills will never live down the fact they bypassed a stud left offensive tackle (Kenyatta Walker) to grab another cornerback. Doesn't that show a lack of creativity as well as bad judgment?

Well, I will be sitting in Qualcomm Stadium next Sunday proudly wearing my Flutie jersey and enjoying watching the Bills eat crow over one of the most inept and unpopular moves in the history of the franchise. Ralph Wilson stated he only cared about winning this game when the schedule came out. Well, this was the only game I got excited about as well, and it's too bad I have to fly 3,000 miles to see it. However, next year, the Chargers and Flutie come to Orchard Park to play the Bills, in perhaps one of the most anticipated and memorable events ever scheduled at the Ralph!

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