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A Sept. 30 editorial cartoon by Jeff Wright was offensive to Christians. This cartoon, categorizing the Revs. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robinson with the terrorists, had to have been conceived by a liberal Christian-hater. There are many such people in the media.

Wright put Falwell, Robertson and the terrorists in the same category based on the word extremists. To show workers digging out of the rubble of the World Trade Center and associating this terrible, repugnant, murderous action with the actions of Falwell and Robertson is in itself a form of extremism. When did this country suffer terror, murder and destruction from a sermon by either Falwell or Robertson?

Although I have not followed their every move, I believe they are both men of God. Some may not like their actions, but basically they try to spread the word of God. Robertson has a ministry that brings food to hungry people, as well as clothing and school supplies to needy children.


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