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I wonder how those who half-heartedly condemn the massacre of Americans and then launch into a justification of it would respond if a cadre of Jews and Christians hijacked passenger planes of Muslim countries and crashed them into Middle Eastern cities.

Afterward, they would have to listen to spokesmen of the Western nations denounce the deed, but in the next breath assert that the Muslims brought it upon themselves by their support of the Palestinians. They brought it upon themselves by their unwillingness to pressure the Iraqi regime to comply with U.N. demands or to use the allowed sale of its oil to provide its people with food and medicine. Instead, the regime starves its children and continues its attempts to produce weapons of mass destruction.

The Muslims would then have to hear a parade of Western intellectuals quoting Bible passages supporting the interpretation that Christianity as a religion of peace and love is not engaging in a holy war against Muslims.

Occurring simultaneously with such intellectual discourse, some Christian and Jewish leaders would call for a crusade against Muslims. Their followers would proclaim their support of the Christian crusaders and celebrate the slaughter. Such behavior would be understandable, because they would have been educated to hate Arabs and Muslims from an early age. Besides, all Christians should stand by other Christians, no matter what evil they have committed.

Finally, as the Islamic people struggled to comprehend it all, the Christian and Jewish zealots would begin spreading anthrax across the Muslim nations.



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