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I am writing in response to the Oct. 7 News article, "Ancient animosity." I appreciated the article, since it represents Muslims in America. I am a Muslim-American, born and raised here. I am not an immigrant, nor do I have an accent, as is assumed about all Muslim-Americans.

I am frustrated at all of the media that use non-Muslim sources to explain the opinions and sentiments of Muslims around the world. Muslims are seldom asked to explain the religion of Islam, and are not consulted when Middle East issues arise. We are the second-largest religious population in North America.

Muslim-Americans are dedicated to the freedoms of America. We are taxpaying citizens who also happen to be among the strongest law-abiding members of our society. There are many points of view that are poorly or not at all addressed about the current situation. Muslims have a much different point of view on many issues, and America needs to be aware of these in order to further promote peace and understanding around the world.

All Muslim-Americans, regardless of our opinions on American foreign policy, are deeply saddened by Sept. 11. We lost dozens of Muslim Americans in the attacks. Unfortunately, the media neglect to express this as well.



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