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I take offense to the sarcastic comic "Boondocks" in the Oct. 13 News. This is definitely not needed at this time in our country. Americans are trying to prove a confidence in flying again. Idiots like the author of "Boondocks" should have their strips seriously evaluated prior to publishing. Let's not make light of the fact that America is walking on eggshells. I personally would rather be scrutinized by airplane security than die on a flight to see Allah.

"Boondocks" should be banned from newspapers throughout the country if the cartoonist continues to make light of a delicate subject. Freedom of the press should be held accountable for sensitivity to the United States. A little bit of common sense is required before printing something like this. Maybe the author of the strip should go write for the Taliban and mock its policies. I doubt he would ever be able to draw or write again, since his hands would've definitely been chopped off.



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