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I wish to comment on the recent News article about policies of tolerance regarding abuse against gays. While it specifically focused on the abuse of gay and lesbian teenagers, I would like to point out that the verbal and physical abuse that leads to feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and even suicide is not limited to just this group.

I am a disabled person, and while I never had a physical confrontation, I took my share of verbal abuse during my days in public school. Abuse can come from one person or a group of people and is not limited by age. It will target anyone who is different or stands out for some reason, whether it is disability, skin color, sexual orientation, choice of clothing or whatever. Anyone can be a target. I think it is important that these policies of tolerance not only protect gays and lesbians but everyone. If anybody is the subject of recurring abuse, it needs to be addressed and dealt with properly before it gets out of hand.



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