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Dear Readers: This is the time of year when all of us are thinking about accessories and how to expand our wardrobes. My favorite accessory is still the drapable dickey. It fills in the neckline of any jacket, with or without a collar. You can make it in so many fabrics, and each one gives your garment a new look. Besides, it's easy to make. Yes, you can even make it in a sparkly sheer fabric for an after-5 look for your basic suit.

The drapable dickey takes less than a half-yard of fabric (45 inches). It crosses in front and is attached to a piece of fabric that is tucked into your skirt or pants. For my new, revised instructions that will take you step by step from beginning to end, send $3 to Eunice Farmer, P.O. Box 31729, St. Louis, Mo. 63131. Please be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Cruise clothing

Dear Eunice Farmer: A group of friends and I are taking our first cruise this winter. We are uncertain about what types of clothes are appropriate. We all lead very casual lives that don't include very dressy clothes. What do we do on the formal nights?
-- Becky W.
Dear Becky: First, you didn't mention what part of the world you will be cruising in. This is important, and your travel company will be happy to help you. I have been lucky enough to have traveled in many parts of the world and can only give you my observations. First, the group should agree on how they want to dress for the cruise. If they dress casually, you will want to do the same. Many garments will look more dressy if made with a silky fabric instead of casual ones -- the fabric makes the difference.

Since you will want to take side trips at every port, wear comfortable shoes and a layered wardrobe. Formal evenings mean different things to different people. I have found that almost anything is appropriate, depending on the fabric.

Remember, it's always fun to buy a few things when in other countries, and this could expand your wardrobe.

A wool blend

Dear Eunice Farmer: I have fallen in love with a gorgeous piece of wool blend that has a great nubby texture. Unfortunately, the nubs are on the wrong side, and I prefer it to the right side. Does it make a difference? Can I interchange it?
-- Doris T.
Dear Doris: Perhaps the fabric was rolled with the wrong side inside. However, you may use whichever side you want. Just be sure that there aren't any wool ends that show on the wrong side. Otherwise, have fun.

Tip of the week

Mildred Ford of Ocala, Fla., writes: "Since many of my patterns are used over and over, I always put a scrap of the fabrics in the pattern envelope after the garment is completed. When I use the pattern again, I know what garments have been made from it."

Send your sewing tips to Eunice Farmer, Box 31729, St. Louis, Mo. 63131.

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