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OLAF FUB SEZ: It was Ara Parseghian who suggested, "The best time to make friends is before you need them." . . .

ON THIS DAY -- In 1781, British general Lord Cornwallis surrendered his troops to Gen. George Washington at Yorktown. The surrender effectively ended the Revolutionary War. . . .

Put yourself in the other guy's place

Before you judge the human race.

-- Rose A. LaJudice

ROSE A. LaJUDICE considered herself to be only an everyday person during the many years in which she contributed hundreds of short, entertaining poems to Reporters' Notebook.

The native of Cherry Creek, which is near Jamestown, came to South Buffalo with her family and graduated, with honors, from South Park High School. She also had won the coveted Jesse Ketchum award for scholarship. She always was a keen observer.

Before reading on, the reader should be informed that Mrs. LaJudice died Oct. 10, at age 80, after a long illness. A memorial service was held for her Sunday. Olaf didn't know about it until Thursday, when he received a letter from her daughter, Rose Mary LaJudice, a library assistant at Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

"I wanted to express to you the years of enjoyment my mother experienced having her poems published," the daughter wrote. "She had been ill for many years, and it was a source of pride and accomplishment for her. It encouraged her to keep writing and helped lift her spirits."

But it was Rose who lifted the spirits of Olaf and readers of this columns for the last 20 years. For example, she printed on a postcard the following:
Eliminate the Negative
A pessimist misses out

On life's many joys.

When opportunity knocks,

He complains of the noise.

And she enjoyed playing on words, like this one she penned on a lined file card:
Night of the Living Bread
Loafing on job proves fatal, it read.

Woman falls asleep 'neath machine making bread.

Overload had dough rising and flowing toward floor

To smother the lady who kneads bread no more.

She often included politicians in her observations, like this one:
The economy in New York.
But some of them, it's clear,
Don't know beef from pork.
Her many observations about daily living included:
Still Goin'
Don't give me flowers
Fine furs, other flatteries,

Just buy me stock

In the firm that makes batteries.

Rose's wit and productivity soon made her name well-known throughout Western New York. She enjoyed the recognition and, according to friends and relatives, believed the challenge of writing poems prolonged her life. She never thought of herself as anything special. But she was. . . .

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