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I read with very little amusement the recent letter bemoaning the noise problem from Chippewa Street. Most amusing was the writer's closing line that "bars come and go, but residents just leave." It is quite obvious she has no knowledge of the history of Chippewa Street. The bars have been there much longer than any of the residents of City Centre or Cary Street.

The difference is they no longer are the sleaze bars that occupied the street from the mid '70s to the late '80s, attracting derelicts and prostitutes. Instead, since the early '90s, Chippewa Street bars have gone upscale. Their patrons are mostly young people, the target market that the city needs to attract to live in the city. These bars have invested millions of dollars and pay taxes, unlike subsidized national chains that pack their bags and leave the city holding the bag.

The reference to Crawdaddy's was a perfect example. Resident complaints and an unwillingness to work for a solution led to the demise of a business with the best location in Buffalo.

Residents are entitled to a good quality of life. But there must be a reasonable solution that is beneficial for all parties. These establishments cannot survive with ordinances that make doing business in the city even more difficult. Would the residents prefer the strip bars that used to occupy the street, or the type of investment seen recently?



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