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With the recent day of terror now behind us and the days of recovery proceeding in somewhat orderly fashion, I would like to read or hear about a preponderance of the professional athletes in this country putting up or shutting up.

How many times in the past have we heard an athlete utter the infamous, "I would like to give something back to the community that supports me." Well, the place is here and the time is now for all these millionaires to make good on their well-intended lip service.

The American Red Cross is still desperate for contributions and I have not heard or read of any of our sports "heroes" coming through with substantial contributions to help during this time of so much need. Signing their names on replicas of American flags and talking to fans is nice but they could do so much more to help their communities.

If most if not all professional athletes would consider donating one day's salary to the Red Cross, I'm sure that would be the equivalent of many communities efforts to help with car washes or door-to-door collections. In one generous gesture, these athletically-gifted individuals could become bigger heroes than they already are.

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