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After another week of reading the Sunday letters, I feel compelled to write myself. Usually, I try to ignore the whining babies and their biased opinions of our sports teams, but this has been going on for way too long.

It's sad to see that so many people have such little to do with their time they must keep the quarterback controversy alive and well. Enough already. The team has made its choice. The coaches, although you may not agree with their pick, are the professionals here. Not the fans.

In Sunday's game, Rob Johnson threw over 200 yards. The Bills scored 26 points, enough for any team to win, any day of the week. Yes, Rob did throw an interception. He also was our leading rusher for the game. Tell you something?

Our defense allowed 42 points, yet all you hear is Flutie should be here, not Rob. Unless Flutie now plays defense (which I'm sure if you ask him, he'll tell you how great he is at it), he wouldn't have made a bit of difference. Instead of criticizing Rob so much, why don't all these people sit back and look at what Rob has to work with?

I remember years ago when Jim Kelly finally came here. Whenever you talked to anyone about him, they either loved him or hated him. People back then talked about his arrogance, his greediness, his lack of community involvement, etc. When he started to win, a lot of people still didn't give him the credit he deserved. It wasn't until almost the time for his retirement that fans realized how great he was and how much he would be missed.

Why not give Johnson the same courtesy and give him a chance?

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