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Bowling, like golf, is merely a game where the score dictates the winner.

However, the essence of performance is contingent upon the playing field, which is controlled by outside forces known as equipment.

Therein lies the challenge, the ability to score well under adverse conditions. Take away the challenge of each game and the score becomes repetitious and artificial.

Recently Norm Warner wrote a column about some of the bowling centers setting up a "Sport Condition," similar to that on the Professional Bowlers Association tour.

Some of the so-called local all-stars took exception to such conditions, saying that it took the enjoyment out of the game. Too bad. Scoring has become so ridiculously high in recent years that the challenge of the game is virtually non-existent.

Go back to the rubber ball and let's see how good these alleged all-stars really are.

Challenging conditions will really make the game of bowling both rewarding and more enjoyable.
Town of Tonawanda
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