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I would like to comment on a couple of items I found rather interesting in the pontifications of Whitey Nichols to The Buffalo News on Sept. 23.

First and most distressing, there is absolutely no doubt that Mr. Nichols considers the Buffalo District Golf Association as his own fiefdom. On at least two occasions he referred to BDGA member clubs as "my clubs." This speaks volumes on his attitude towards the BDGA and how he governs the organization. In reality, Mr. Nichols is an employee of the BDGA; in essence he works for the member clubs and the organization.

Secondly, Mr. Nichols was well aware that the East Aurora Country Club had agreed to invite the "non real estate clubs" to the Champion of Champions event. Despite this, he refused to reinstate the BDGA sanction to the event. To me and to the participants of this event, this refusal is inexcusable.

Quite frankly, Mr. Nichols, it is time for you to do the honorable thing and step aside as executive director of the Buffalo District Golf Association. The BDGA should be working with its member clubs to grow the game of golf in Western New York. The BDGA should be presenting tournaments to showcase the fine amateur players we have in the Buffalo area. However this is not the case.

It is quite clear to me that Mr. Nichols views the BDGA as nothing more than his private playground. Decisions are often made unilaterally and not always with consistency. If the amateur golfers in Western New York want the BDGA to grow into something more than it is now, a new leader must be found. A leader that will work with the area golf clubs and not dictate down to them.

So, Mr. Nichols, golf is said to be a game of honor. Now let's see if you are a man of honor. Do the right thing: step aside.

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