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Many Bills fans are contradicting themselves and they don't ever realize it. On one hand, they're criticizing the team for trying to rebuild. On the other, they can't understand what's involved in trying to build a winner.

Have we all forgotten what happened in Dallas a few years back? The Cowboys were 1-15 in Jimmy Johnson's first season. Then they won two Super Bowls (dominating the Bills no less) a few years later. That's the way it works unfortunately.

In the NFL of today, the Steve Christies and Henry Jones can hold out, demand more money and generally dictate what happens in their careers. But it works the other way also. When their skills are declining after 10 or so years they can (and should) be let go. The Bills for too many years tried to rebuild on the run. It obviously didn't work.

The only way to even possibly get back to the glory years of our team is to do what the new brain trust is doing. It may seem cruel and insensitive but if we really want to be part of a winner again, we should accept and understand what they are trying to do. Do you want a chance at a winner again or for them to just be nice guys? It would be nice if you could have it both ways, but unfortunately you can't. So let's give them a chance and maybe someday we'll be holding rallies for the Bills again. Maybe even as winners this time.
Orchard Park

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