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Some thoughts while turning off the TV after the trashing suffered by the Bills against the Colts:

1. There were 19 penalties and more than a few were drive-killers. Where is this so-called discipline? What is Gregg Williams going to do about this? On the other hand, the officials blew an illegal block from behind in the first quarter on an Indy return. Frankly, I think the replacement officials did a better job.

2. The failure to capitalize on the fumble recovery in the first quarter really hurt. It could have put Indy in a hole.

3. The offensive play selections in this series lacked creativity. Mike Sheppard continues to do the Dan Henning act.

4. The dropped pass by Eric Moulds in the second quarter killed a drive.

5. The missed 37-yard field goal before the end of the first half didn't help either.

6. The defensive secondary was absolutely torched and looked totally disoriented. The closest anyone got to Marvin Harrison was 5 yards. Ken Irvin and Antoine Winfield were terrible. After the interception, Nate Clements struggled.

7. Where was the pressure on Peyton Manning when it was needed?

8. Our best receiver was Larry Centers.

9. Is Rob Johnson capable of throwing to another receiver when the primary is covered, which seems to be the case 90 percent of the time?

10. Why not have Johnson roll out more? The offensive line is overmatched and unable to give him the needed protection.

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