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Dear Eunice Farmer: I would like to make a jacket for fall that will be useful in just about any occasion. I prefer a shorter, more fitted jacket with any neckline. Please help. I love your pattern selections; you save me hours of time! - Martie M.

Dear Martie: I have selected Vogue 1643, sizes 6-22 for many reasons. First, it has four versions to choose from. One is with a notched collar in a longer length. The second features a cardigan-type closing with contrasting collar variations. Third has either patch or welt pockets. Fourth is a collarless version. The pattern is slightly more fitted; however, you can always eliminate the fitting and stitch your seams straighter or more boxy. The pattern also includes my favorite sleeve, a two-piece, which gives a much better fit than a one-piece. I can picture this jacket in a tweed or brocade, it is so basic that the fabric choice will dictate how you will wear it. You can add your favorite pants or skirts for variations.

Looking for a print

Dear Eunice Farmer: I have a pattern for a circular skirt and would love to make it out of a border print that is printed on a circle.I haven't been able to find this type of fabric, any ideas? - Norma L.

Dear Norma: Occasionally I have seen printed circular fabrics that can be used for skirts, however, it's been a long time. My only suggestion is to find a printed circular tablecloth that you love, and use it for your skirt.

Bagging knees

Dear Eunice Farmer: How do you keep soft-knit pants from bagging at the knees? When you first put them on, they are perfect. But after a short time, they bag. - Doris K.

Dear Doris: I would reinforce the knee area with a very lightweight fusible interfacing such as Easy Knit. Cut a strip about 8 inches wide, and fuse it to the front and back of your pants before construction. Be sure to pink the edges before applying to avoid a mark on each end of the fusible strips. Incidentally, this can be done in any stress area with great results.

Tip of the week

"My favorite travel outfit is a wrap skirt! You can make it any length, it gives "ease' when crossing legs, and you can always move a button over if you've eaten too much or just need a little extra room at the waist!"

- Gail Benedetto, Wheeling, Ill.

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