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Once fall arrives, we spend much of our entertainment time and money on our cherished Bills and Sabres. What changes would make your live sporting experience more enjoyable at the Ralph or HSBC Arena and why?

"The one thing that always bothered me at Bills games was that the quality of food was not even half that as Dunn Tire Park's for the Bisons. How can a minor-league organization spew out much better (quality as well as quantity of items) concession food compared to an NFL team? That is why I tailgate at each and every Bills home game; however, if they would upgrade their fare, it may cause myself as well as hundreds of others to keep the grill at home!"

-- Jim Antes, Williamsville
"The change I believe would make sporting events more enjoyable is to give the national anthem back to the people. I grew up with everyone joining in the national anthem. At the Bison's games, the words would appear on the scoreboard. I don't know which sport started it, but nationally all have followed with bad singers, butchering it, singing it a cappella. Even at Ralph Wilson Stadium, the singers are bad and we cringe as the singer changes keys and makes up a new melody. It should not be a solo. Especially at this time, we should go back to a band or a recording playing and ask the people to sing along."

-- Marie Kerwin, Eden
"I would enjoy HSBC Arena more if they would use classical music by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra during games. That would both promote the Philharmonic and be attractive for the many European players on the Sabres. I think they'd do a little better and that the games would be better off without the music now heard."

-- Bill Horton, Java
NEXT WEEK'S QUESTION: How have the tragic events of Sept. 11 changed the way you watch television or films? Do you find you're avoiding violent films? Have you been glued to cable news channels?

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