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Where's the best place to buy the tunes that you hear at the clubs?

Try Powerhouse Pro-DJ/Remix Shop at 3930 Harlem Road, Amherst. The shop has been serving Buffalo's club-music lovers the hottest new dance cuts for almost a decade. "A lot of people come in and say I heard this song at the Red Room, or I was listening to the KISS mix (on WKSE-FM) and I want to buy the song that they played between this song and another song," said Jeff Gapinski, co-owner of the Remix Shop.

The store has such a devoted clientele among the city's professional DJs and dedicated clubgoers because it keeps up on the genre's constantly changing trends. "When I started going out to the clubs, it was all called dance music, all of it -- the disco, the funk," Gapinski said. "But now it's subcategorized so much that you've got trance, progressive trance, house, filtered house, disco house, French house, two-step garage. We used to organize things by artist and title, but we had to stop and do things by category."

The shop is also doing its part to initiate the next generation of turntable maestros into the club world. "The new group of DJs are the bedroom DJs, the 13- and 14-year-olds," he said. "They're underage and don't have bars to go to, so they do house parties and rave parties."

These kids aspire to be DJs in the same way that their older siblings may have wanted to be guitar-wielding rock gods. "You get Mommy and Daddy coming in and buying the starter kit called 'DJ in a Box,' " said Gapinksi. "It has the mixer, two turntables, the cartridges, the headphones. Around Christmas time, we sell more 'DJ in a Box'-es than you know what to do with."

Wonder if it also comes with earplugs for the parents?

-- Craig Seymour

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