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In light of our recent national tragedy, perhaps Tom Toles will give us a break and stop drawing President Bush with nonhuman ears in his political cartoons. Toles used to draw Bush with cat-like ears to make him look like a twit. Now, he draws Bush with elephant-like ears to make him look like a buffoon.

I have become accustomed to Toles' anti-Bush messages, but I am fed up with his relentless negation of the president's dignity. It is unprofessional for Toles to use his political cartoons to vent his personal animosity toward Bush and those readers who accept him as the legitimate president of the United States.

Hopefully, Gerry Rising will no longer use his Nature Watch column to sing the praises of Toles. Surely, Rising doesn't share Toles' idiotic belief that the Bush administration and its conservative allies are bent on squandering our natural resources.

Do Republicans/conservatives consume more natural resources than Democrats/liberals? If we need to drill for oil and natural gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, who is going to use it? Will conservatives hog it all, or will liberals -- such as the Hollywood elite, who wanted Al Gore to save our planet from ourselves -- get to use some of it in their limousines, yachts, private jets and mansions? Enough said. For now.


Grand Island

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