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I would like to comment on the future of Metro Rail downtown. The debate about opening Main Street to vehicular traffic has been discussed many times.

I believe the best plan would involve rerouting the Metro Rail. Let's divert the rails from Main to Pearl and Washington streets, and improve our downtown transit system service.

Pearl and Washington are feeder streets for most of the buildings on Main, many of which have entrances along Pearl and Washington. We should open Main to vehicular traffic and keep our Metro Rails servicing the downtown area. This could be easily achieved.

The southbound line would come out of the tunnel on Main and turn right onto Chippewa Street. From Chippewa, the line would turn left onto Pearl and continue to Exchange Street. At Exchange, the line would turn left and then revert back to Main.

The northbound line would start on lower Main and turn right at Exchange, left on Washington and continue along to Chippewa. The line would turn left onto Chippewa, then right to revert back to Main. This line would service the Theater District Station and continue northbound.

This plan allows us to keep our Metro Rail line for our downtown area, servicing other streets. It also provides for two-way vehicular traffic along Main from Exchange to Chippewa. These new rails along Pearl and Washington could easily coexist with traffic.

The idea of reopening only parts of Main Street to traffic by eliminating transit stations is unnecessary and confusing. Also, the idea of terminating the Metro Rail before it reaches the downtown core is ludicrous.



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