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I found it interesting that The News printed a press release from the chairman of the Workers' Compensation Board heralding how great the board is doing in addressing the needs of those disabled in workplace accidents. Yet the chairman and Gov. George Pataki placed the Compensation Board in a nonhandicapped-accessible building that has a history of building violations, in particular,elevators that constantly break down.

Then The News quoted the head of the Business Council as being thrilled with the system. Naturally he is thrilled. Business is literally getting away with murder. The board's idea of settling cases is to ramrod the employee into settling for a pittance or to deny cut-and-dried injuries, leaving the employee with no other recourse or justice.

Nowhere in the article were disabled workers interviewed on how they feel about the system. However, I am not surprised, because the media have never been known to tell both sides of the story on this subject. Frankly, I would love to have a reporter sit by me one day while I listen to an injured worker threatening to commit suicide because he is dealing with a system where the seriously injured are the last priority.


Injured Workers of New York

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