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The author of a recent letter described as "phony" the answer he got from former president George Bush regarding why the Persian Gulf War ended after 100 hours and, by implication, why Iraq was not vanquished.

The truth of the matter is, it was Saudi Arabia that set stringent rules as to how the campaign would be conducted if Saudi territory was to be used as a staging area. The Saudis demanded that once Iraqi forces were expelled from Kuwait and no longer a threat, the fighting would stop.

The marginal assistance afforded by the Saudi forces was vastly exaggerated to deceitfully convince the Islamic countries that Saudi Arabia favored the Gulf War when in fact it had great antipathy toward a predominantly Christian nation fighting an Islamic one.

If the Gulf War is to be an example, let it reflect that when America assumes a responsibility, Americans must take charge and complete their job without second-string countries interfering. This crime against our nation demands not justice, as has been asked, but harsh revenge upon the perpetrators, regardless of territory or religion. I'm confident this administration will do the job.


Town of Tonawanda

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