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Incumbent Amherst Supervisor Susan J. Grelick won an important preliminary race in Erie County primary election voting Tuesday.

Cheektowaga Democrats rejected the endorsements of their party leaders, while Lackawanna Democrats gave their approval to party choices for City Council.

Here are the results of primary elections in Erie County:


Democrats nominated veteran Council Member Daniel J. Ward and newcomers James J. Twombly and Deborah Bruch Bucki -- setting the stage for a November contest to decide control of the seven-member Town Board.

They will face Republican Council Members Jane S. Woodward and Bob Brewer, who are seeking re-election, and newcomer Shelly Collora Schratz.

In the closely watched Independence Party primary, incumbent Supervisor Susan J. Grelick easily defeated her challenger, Council Member William L. Kindel. The race provided an early test of strength for Grelick, the endorsed Democratic candidate, against Kindel, the Republican standard bearer in the November general election.


In the Republican and Independence primary for supervisor, incumbent Thomas Cotton won the GOP and Independence line over Republican-endorsed Peggy Cooke. Cotton received 982 GOP votes and 30 Independence votes. Cooke got 733 Republican votes and 20 Independence votes.

Five candidates vied for the GOP line for two Town Board positions. Coming out on top were incumbent Norman Suttell with 959 votes and Dwight Krieger with 943 votes.

In the race for town justice, incumbent George Hezel received 960 GOP votes while challenger Kevin Walsh had 635.


Incumbent Supervisor Lisa M. Rood and challenger William A. Eagan will square off again in November. In the primary for the Independence line, Eagan, the town assessor, won with 25 votes to 15 for Rood. But Rood is running on the Republican ticket and Eagan will also appear on the Democratic, Conservative and Right to Life lines.

Likewise, two candidates for town highway superintendent will meet up again in the general election. In the primary for the Conservative line, Wayne C. Kreitzbender got 66 votes to 38 for Richard A. Poore. Kreitzbender is also running as a Republican and Poore as a Democrat.

The primary for town justice settled several ballot lines. Incumbent Debra K. Bender topped Daniel H. Hurtubise for the Republican line, 389-270; the Independence line, 14-7; and the Conservative line, 48-40, but Hurtubise captured the Democratic spot on the ballot, 191-177.


Two-term Clarence Supervisor Daniel L. Herberger was handily defeated in the Republican primary Tuesday by the town tax receiver, Kathleen E. Hallock. With 95 percent of the vote counted, Hallock was beating Herberger 1,955-1,033 on the Republican line. She also won the Republican and Conservative lines Tuesday night.

Herberger is finishing up his second four-year term as supervisor. Hallock is finishing her second four-year term as tax receiver.


All four incumbents prevailed over challengers endorsed by party leaders in the Democratic primary.

Incumbents Patricia A. Jaworowicz, Thomas J. Mazur and William P. Rogowski each won spots on the November ballot for Town Board, while incumbent Town Justice Ronald E. Kmiotek defeated attorney John M. Dudziak.

With 62 out of 64 precincts reporting, Jaworowicz had 3,741 votes, followed by Mazur with 3,696 and Rogowski with 3,254. Challengers Zydel, Kucewicz, and Czubaj, received 2,788, 2,512 and 2,457 votes, respectively.

In the town justice race, Kmiotek received 3,413 votes to Dudziak's 2,901.


Marilynn J. Calhoun, the incumbent town supervisor, was left with just the Independence Party line after she lost the Republican Party primary to Charles T. Nuttle, 273 to 221.

Calhoun, who switched from Democrat to Republican and ran for the Assembly 145th District seat last year, will face Nuttle and Democrat Bernard P. Horschel in November.

"I'm not disappointed because when I look at the turnout, less than half the people turned out," Calhoun said. "I'm on the Independence line, and I've always been independent. I've still got the fight in me."

Both candidates for a town justice post will continue on to the general election. In a primary for the Democratic line, Alfred M. Kalinowski topped Donald G. Culp, 133-65. Culp is also running on the Right to Life line; Kalinow-ski is also running on the Republican, Conservative and Working Families lines.

In the Town Board races, Martin McMahon and Richard Herniman captured the Independence Party line with 8 and 4 votes, respectively, to 3 for Terri Kloiber. Herniman and Kloiber are running as Republicans.


Incumbent Supervisor Donald H. Tew won a Democratic primary against Mary A. Stelley with 53 percent of the vote, 151-133. The two will face off again in November, as Stelley is also running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines.


Concord had primaries for assessor and town clerk, contests that will be repeated in November because the candidates are running on multiple party lines.

With five of six districts reporting, incumbent assessor William F. Nellis led Marilyn M. Rhow, 20-10, for the Conservative line. Nellis is also running as a Republican and Independence party candidate, and Rhow as a Democratic candidate.

For the Republican line in the town clerk's race, Mary Bolt outpolled Julie A. Nunweiler, 425-119.

Bolt is also running as an Independence party candidate; Nunweiler is also running on the Democratic and Conservative lines.


In a three-way race for two Independence spots on the November ballot, incumbent Edward Krycia drew 19 votes, while Timothy Walker got 6 and John Cardarelli had 4. All three will have major party lines in November, with Krycia and fellow incumbent Mary Lou Pew holding Democratic nominations and Walker and Cardarelli the Republican lines.

In the primary for assessor, Robert W. Pietrocarlo and Karen E. Balone were seeking the Democratic line on the ballot in November. Pietrocarlo won, 245-71. Pietrocarlo also took the Independence line, 19-2. The race will be repeated in the general election, as Pietrocarlo also has the Conservative line and Balone has the Republican and Right to Life lines.


The race for the Independence ballot line for Elma town supervisor went to Gerald R. Barry, who defeated John E. Dudek 18-15. Barry is also running as a Republican. Dudek is also running on the Democratic, Conservative and Right to Life lines.

In a three-way primary for the Republican ballot line for two Town Board seats, Renee T. Engels got 559 votes, Bill Cirocco got 444 and Deborah J. Skulski 330.

Cirocco, Engels, Skulski and Susan B. Glownia were competing for the Independence lines in the Council race. The two top vote-getters were Glownia with 27 and Cirocco with 18; Engels got 17 and Skulski got 15.


In a four-way race for the Independence Party line for two Hamburg Town Board seats, incumbent Democrats Thomas Quatroche Jr. and Joan A. Kesner faced Republican challengers Karl Kofod and Timothy Straube. The results: Kesner, 45 votes; Kofod, 44; Straube, 37; and Quatroche, 29. Four absentee ballots were cast.

All four will be on the general election ballot, however.


Democratic City Chairman John Makeynko's slate of Council candidates retained the party endorsement in Tuesday's primary.

In the 2nd Ward, Daniel M. Kozub, a bus driver, defeated Kevin F. Reed by a 2-to-1 ratio. The 3rd Ward race saw Charles Jaworski, an auto plant employee, take 54 percent of the vote to beat incumbent Gerald S. DePasquale.

Independence Party races saw Dennis P. Koziol take the endorsement from Kozub in the 2nd Ward. Vincent J. Alabisi received the endorsement in the 3rd Ward, defeating DePasquale.

DePasquale won a line on the November ballot in the Republican primary, receiving 55 percent of the vote to outpoll Elizabeth M. Duma. Ricardo Estrada, facing only write-in opposition, won the Conservative Party endorsement for 1st Ward councilman.

Orchard Park

The primary election settled three ballot lines -- Conservative, Democratic and Republican -- in a race for town justice. In the race between Edward A. Pace and John C. Bailey, with 12 of 13 districts reporting, Pace had leads of 771-239 in the Democratic primary, 60-22 in the Independence vote and 89-33 in the Conservative primary. Bailey was up 740-394 in the Republican primary to replace Edmund S. Brown Jr., who is retiring.

In the race for supervisor, incumbent Toni Cudney was ahead of John Mills, 49-29, for the Independence line. Stanley Jemiolo Jr. and David Kaczor were ahead of Michael Neumeister for the Independence line for two town board positions. All have other major party endorsements.

City of Tonawanda

The Independence Party primary saw a ballot line go to Colleen R. Perkins for the 1st Council seat. She defeated Shawn W. Callahan and William J. Reece.

In the 2nd Ward, Blake R. Boyle defeated Robert J. Blazina. James P. Kossow won the endorsement in the 3rd Ward from Dennis J. Boyle. Thomas W. Smyers was victorious in the 4th Ward, defeating James M. Dee.

The party's endorsement for mayor went to Jack E. Gallagher. He received 28 votes, while Thomas J. Christy had 21 and Ronald J. Pilozzi had 11.

Town of Tonawanda

Incumbent Democrat Daniel J. Crangle led the field of Independence Party candidates for the Town Board with 94 of the 346 votes cast. Republican incumbent David H. Rider placed second in a field of six with 65 votes.

Registered Conservative Charles E. Burkhardt led Republican Joseph M. Shiah late Tuesday by a single vote, 57-56, for the last spot on the Independence line.

Incumbent Republican Raymond E. Sinclair received 39 votes, and Democrat Frank J. Longo collected 35 votes.

In the Conservative race, Sinclair and Shiah won spots on the November ballot with 165 and 131 votes, respectively, out of 501 votes cast. Crangle received 106 votes and Burkhardt 99 votes.

Meanwhile, in the Independence Party contest for highway supervisor, incumbent John G. Hedges out-polled Roger Murphy, 62-29.


In a race for an assessor's post, John J. Sly and Rickey A. Venditti were vying for the Republican ballot line. Venditti won, 178-65. Sly is also running on the Conservative and Democratic lines.

Town Clerk Sharon A. Marfurt defeated challenger Christa L. Dake handily in a Republican primary, with 71 percent of the vote, 208-87.

West Seneca

Incumbent Town Councilmen Vincent J. Graber Jr. and Timothy M. Wroblewski fended off a challenge from Albert W. Petko in their bids for second four-year terms. The three faced off in a primary for the Democratic line on the ballot. Wroblewski led the way with 2,065 votes, while Graber had 1,902 and Petko 1,263.

They will repeat the contest in November, as all have multiple ballot lines. The incumbents will both appear on the Conservative line, and Wroblewski will also appear on the Independence and Right to Life lines. Petko will also appear on the Independence line this fall.

Petko, who narrowly lost a Democratic primary last year, said he would still be campaigning on his lone line.

Ten-year Town Justice Wallace C. Piotrowski eliminated retired Erie County Sheriff's Capt. John Gourlay from the November ballot, taking the Democratic, Republican, Conservative and Independence primaries. Piotrowski won the Democratic line, 2,201-805, the Republican line, 748-442, the Conservative, 118-61, and Independence, 63-28.

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