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Dear Ann Landers: I was interested in the letter from "Better Off Alone in Iowa," who rented a room to a slob. You told her to throw the bum out. These days, Ann, it is not that simple.

In the state of New York, if this man were paying room and board, he would be a lawful tenant and the woman would be his landlord. She needs to institute a legal eviction proceeding or he can sue her. Please tell her to see an attorney and find out how best to handle the situation. While legal proceedings can take a long time and cost money, it is the price one must pay for being a landlord.

-- Stu Goldberg in New York
Dear Stu: Thanks for the advice -- and no bill.

Hospital privacy

Dear Ann Landers: I read the letter from "Pregnant and Peeved in Washington, D.C.," whose friend worked at the hospital where she was scheduled to deliver her baby. She was concerned that this friend would broadcast the news of the birth before the new mother had a chance to do so.

I work at a hospital and can tell you that staff members are not permitted to share personal information, whether they work directly with patient care or provide some other type of support service. Her friend would be fired for breaching patient confidentiality.

-- Lips Sealed in Michigan
Dear Michigan: I hope that "friend" in D.C. sees this and shapes up. Shame on her.

A clear view

Dear Ann Landers: I hope you have room for one more letter about well-meaning friends who take lousy wedding photos. I have some solutions.

Couples can use the wedding rehearsal to take professional photographs of the bridal party in full regalia, walking up the aisle, standing before the minister, kissing, and so on. Also, pictures can be taken an hour before the ceremony or immediately after, while the guests munch on hors d'oeuvres in the reception hall.

If the couple already has a set of ruined photographs, they can still hire a professional to take pictures sometime after the wedding. If possible, the entire bridal party should be included. If not, at least the bride and groom can dress up in their tux and bridal gown and have a lovely memento. I once knew a couple who, for their first anniversary, arranged to use the church one afternoon, purchased flowers and decorations, dressed in their bridal regalia and hired a photographer.

People should not have to settle for blurred, unfocused wedding pictures because the photographer is a family friend or relative. While the retakes won't be the same as the originals, the couple will have something worth keeping. It sure beats complaining for the next 20 years.

-- Photographer in New York
Dear N.Y.: I agree wholeheartedly. And, of course, the photographers who see your letter are going to love it. Thanks for the input.

Dear Ann Landers: May I respond to "Invaded in Indiana," who worked nights and slept days? Her parents and in-laws insisted on dropping in during sleeping hours.

I used to be one of those clods who called my sister-in-law at 11 a.m., after she had worked the night shift and was trying to get a good "day's" rest. It never occurred to me how inconsiderate I was until one night, she "reciprocated" by phoning me at 2 a.m. to ask for my wonderful carrot cake recipe. I got the message.

-- Rude Awakening in Sioux City, Iowa
Dear Sioux City (my hometown): Rude or not, she made her point. Bravo for her -- and good for you, for getting the message without getting angry.

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