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As a parent of two elementary school children in the Springville Griffith District, I disagree with the Sept. 18 News editorial, "Blacking out history," which criticized Superintendent Thomas Markle's decision to not tune the students' TV sets to the terrorist attacks on our country as events unfolded.

The News fears that Markle deprived high schoolers of "a chance to share in a historical moment." That is one fear I didn't have on Sept. 11. Sadly, there would be time enough in the days that followed for all children to learn of these terrifying developments, hopefully when they were safely at home with loving parents and caregivers.

If we were not near a TV to see that second plane hit the World Trade Center, there would be many chilling replays during the week that followed. There would also be excellent coverage by this newspaper, wall-to-wall television coverage, and discussions everywhere, from the corner store to church to classrooms.

Of all the lamentations heard that day, I did not hear a single parent express regret that their children did not see more TV coverage of the attacks. We parents definitely feel as if our children have been cheated, but not by Markle. They have been robbed of their innocence, not the opportunity to thrum along with this hellish nightmare as it unfolded that morning.


West Falls

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