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The Sept. 14 editorial regarding the terrorist attack, "A sense of war," was repulsive. The News raised inappropriate questions regarding whether we are willing to use ground troops.

It should be clear to the newspaper that virtually every American has considered this and is willing to do whatever it takes to defeat terrorism, including using ground soldiers.

The editorial also asked, with respect to the use of force, "How would unfriendly countries respond?" This concern is moot, since most countries have already offered their support to America. More importantly, though, we cannot restrain the fight against the perpetrators of the attack on the worry that some may not support us.

The editorial also included the bogus philosophical remark that "there's nothing that says you can't respond aggressively and wisely. They are not mutually exclusive concepts -- a lesson, we can all hope, our attackers will soon learn." This is utter nonsense. We have all seen that our attackers do not respond wisely; no terrorist does.

The News editors should look at the carnage brought upon the innocent in Manhattan before wringing their hands about "the risks" of our impending attack. How many more body bags need to be filled with American citizens while The News waits for terrorists to "respond wisely"?

Everyone in America is ready to focus our justified rage at our enemies. It is time for the editorial writers of The News to recognize this, drop the high-minded tone and stop generating ridiculous concerns about America's willingness and obligation to destroy terrorism.



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