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When stagecoach transportation was the primary mode of transportation, "riding shotgun" was the time-honored way of providing security for passengers. This provided safety without the loss of any freedoms, and people supported it.

With terrorists able to get on a passenger airliner, it is apparent that something like this is needed aboard every passenger liner. Secure cockpit doors should also be installed in every aircraft. These actions in no way impose a hardship or loss of freedom by the traveling public.

However, the rest of the restrictions placed on air passengers in the name of security are silly and ineffective. Picture ID, for example, is a wasted effort. Any good terrorist will have better picture ID than most Americans.

Preventing loved ones from meeting people at the arriving gate, or eliminating short-term parking will do little to improve security. These are only knee-jerk reactions taken to show that the government is doing something.

To use the excuse that in some other country they do this or that in the name of security is not a valid argument. This is America, and we are free people. If we surrender even a little bit of our rights and freedoms as a result of terrorist actions, the bad guys will have won. From what I have seen on the news, it is very apparent that the bad guys are winning, and winning with the support of our governmental leaders.



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