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I have always believed the United States has had the president it needs for the time. It is our fate, our destiny. So I wondered after the last election if this particular man was put in office for a reason. In the Buddhist faith, we don't ask why, we look for the lessons we have to learn in this life. And so I watched and waited. On Sept. 11, it became clear. Our parents had Roosevelt. Look beyond Bush, and we have Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld. William Cohen and Madeleine Albright were good, but in the words of "The Godfather," we need a war-time consigliere, and this is war.

As fate would have it, just a few months ago the Senate changed from Republican to Democratic control. This will protect us from the extremists who would take every dollar from education, the environment and the poor to fund who knows what.

Looking for terrorists and rebuilding Wall Street will keep this administration busy for the next 39 months. It won't have time to dismantle every program we hold dear. And maybe in that time, we can find another Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington or Jefferson and stop offering up the meager quality of the candidates we have been accepting.



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