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I would like to respond to Rod Watson's Sept. 13 column. I think he needs to rethink some of his ideas. Watson says we need to at least try to understand the terrorists. I don't believe that normal-thinking people can understand the gross actions taken by these fanatical people. Unless we are ready to forsake our Jewish allies, we will never appease these fanatical terrorists. We are labeled as an enemy of these terrorists because we support Israel and their beliefs of freedom.

Watson believes we are uninterested in the affairs of the world. Well, what other country in the world comes to the aid of just about anyone in need? Billions of our dollars are sent around the world every year for that purpose.

Watson suggests that tighter security measures at airports, bringing added costs and time during travel, are a poor idea. Well, as long as fanatics exist, we need this tight security. When my family flies, I will spend the few extra dollars and extra time it may take to have a safer flight. Can this prevent all acts of violence in the air? No, but it can make flying safer than it was last week.

Finally, is foreign policy a priority for the American people? Yes, but it cannot be our main focus through our daily lives. We have politicians to deal with the intricate details of these matters and we must trust that they will do the best possible job for us.

With health care, unemployment, housing, lack of decent-paying jobs and crime being a major focus of domestic policy, I will try to vote intelligently and allow my elected officials the difficult chore of dealing with foreign policy.



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