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As a foundation for my words, may I say, I lived in New York City for more than three decades. My pain is palpable and connected to several personal losses. Americans, while flawed by self-absorption, are a people full of enormous heart and generosity who continually give so much to others around the globe. It is devastating to realize that there are some who wish to annihilate us, but a counterbalance to their hideous thought has been the abundance of condolences offered by the rational world. At this time especially, we are greatly in need of international blessings of goodwill.

I am heartened that people on this planet have not forgotten that 99 percent of Americans are not native to these shores. My ethnicity is largely English, with Mayflower connections on both sides of my family and a genealogy thus far documented back to 1618, Yarmouth, England. I also have Irish blood, and am about 20 percent French-Canadian.

When one of the television newscasts showed a Parisian woman saying, "Today, we are American," I dissolved into a flood of tears. I had hoped the world would know that we are all one and how much we in the United States need the comfort of our English, Irish and French parentage, even though for some of us nearly 400 years may separate those ties. I am grateful for their kind gestures of support, for our DNA runs deep.



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