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America's uncontrollable urge to avenge the Sept. 11 attacks is understandable, albeit ill-advised. Never before in its history has the United States experienced terrorism on such a scale. The unidentified perpetrators chose to strike the United States, the world's unchallenged superpower, where it hurt most.

Tuesday's attacks were the most ruthless so far in terms of casualties and diabolical sophistication. Accordingly, striking hard at terrorism must be a global task.

But is war the proper way? Doubts abound. In this case, President Bush has singled out Saudi-born dissident Osama bin Laden as the prime suspect, although investigators have yet to bring conclusive proof. Livid with anger and smarting from being humiliated at home, the U.S. military and political machine is on a war footing.

In spearheading the battle against terrorism, the United States should show rationality, attentively listen to others' views and think of means other than military.

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